I learned long ago that simplifying HR is, well… Simple.

To me, it boils down to 2 things: PROCESS DESIGN & PROGRAM DELIVERY.

Done well, these two areas accelerate both the delivery AND value of the HR function.


While tweaking what’s already in place can deliver some improvements, I’m a big fan of ripping up the current state and designing processes from a clean slate.


Well, there’s little point in optimizing broken things, and – frankly – just too many sacred cows that get in the way of what makes sense for your business today.


First of all, let’s agree that HR should be focused on doing only those things WITH, FOR, or IN the business that manifestly serve the business.

Now take a look at the programs and projects your HR function is running. Does each one have a clear, concise, validated business case? How confident are you that the work is being completed in a way that minimizes disruption and maximizes delivered value?

This is step 1, everything else is disciplined implementation – which isn’t always easy, given the unique nature of HR programs.


By asking me to deliver Process Design and Program Delivery solutions, my clients are free to focus on leading the HR function. They ask me to work in my sweet spot of making change a reality – drawing upon a toolbox tested for over two decades of progressive experience on both sides of the Atlantic.

I’d love to help you simplify HR, so let’s talk – even if we ultimately decide not to work together, I am a commitment to help you chart a journey for success.

Introducing View Beyond LLC Organization Effectiveness Solutions (PDF, 404K)

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Vincent Tuckwood

Vincent Tuckwood

Coach & Consultant

Vincent Tuckwood is a coach, consultant, and founder of View Beyond LLC.

Following an award-winning, 20-year trans-Atlantic career with Pfizer Inc. Vince chose to focus his own coaching and consulting work on 2 key questions:

- What makes people want to do their best work?
- How do we help them do more of that, more of the time?

8 years later, Vince continues to work with people, teams and organizations to find answers that can truly make a lasting, positive change to their world.

“… Vince is visionary. He is incredibly intelligent and capable of looking across the breadth of the HR function and determining at the macro level what long and short term strategic changes can be made to better meet the needs of the business.

Unlike many people with an HR background, Vince is very technically savvy. He is extremely capable using current and emerging technologies to better align the delivery of HR services and consultation across the function.

Vince is a tremendous talent and I will not be surprised to see him become recognized by external HR experts as one of the finest transformational thinkers within the HR function…”

“… a passionate leader who has visionary ideas that inspire and motivate a team to achieve a common mission. He is a talented communicator who is personable and down to earth, with an immense sense of humor…”
“… honestly strategic, deeply committed and a professional who believes that teams create the best outcomes…”