Had a great chat today about the state of all things coaching, consulting and change

[those are 3 Cs, but they’re not the 3 steps to getting better. Besides, I generally prefer my Cs in groups of 4]

and I found myself wrestling with the thorny challenge of how to sell services as a fundamental change agent if the first step your client needs to get through is the blockage of denial/avoidance. Or, in other words:

How do I convince you I can help you change when the first step of the process is your admitting you need to change?

As it so happened, my discussion partner today is a certified psychotherapist, with many years of diagnosing and treating psychological pathologies, and he wrestles with exactly the same issue.

We discussed many areas, including the stigma attached to mental illness in our


society. As we talked, I shared my subway platform experience from a few years back, and the resulting question:

Where are you going? Can I help you get there?

This time, though, the conversation took a slightly different turn – towards flow, strengths and improvement.

Fundamentally, we discussed the notion of helping people

get better

and how that has, historically, been associated only with recovery from illness – in that frame, getting better is getting to the absence of pathology

[or, at least, to having the appropriate coping strategies to minimize the impact of pathology]

Put it another way, if you follow strengths research at all, getting better in this frame means managing weaknesses. And we all know that most of the world has yet to understand, believe and act upon the research

[and proof]

that your existing strengths offer the greatest hope of development, fulfillment and life-time achievement. In this world-view, self-improvement is not a response to failure, it’s a step into potential; you are literally taking a step into your potential you.

So it was that my

[view beyond-ish]

question from the subway platform became slightly rejigged:

  1. Decide to get better

  2. Contact Vince

  3. Get better

3 steps. Simple.

Part of you is already questioning whether it’s that simple. It is. But nothing I can write beyond these 3 steps will convince you what we could do together to help you get better.

Go on, contact me now. I promise you will not regret it.

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