We’ve all had it: that nagging feeling that we are acting out of denial, avoidance or sheer self-deception. Every so often, it can grow so great that we face a choice:

shut it down, or face a long cold look in the mirror

I’ve found time and time again, that shutting it down seldom works in the long-term. The mirror – however painful in the short-term – is the only option that yields lasting results.

You see, that nagging feeling is actually you crying out to yourself. You are telling yourself that the course you are on isn’t working for you – either it’s hurting to much, or you’ve already guessed it leads to the wrong destination.

Either way, you’re letting yourself know it’s time to change course.

How many times have you come to the same fork in the road, only to take the path well travelled?

Are you at that fork again?

What will you choose?

Is it time for a long, cold look in the mirror?

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