“What’s next?”

It’s the blessing and the curse of the creative, innovative, entrepreneurial mindset. Once we understand, and eventually solve, the problems we’ve faced to date, we squirrel them away in our knowledge management database

[to never be seen again]

and move on to the next shiny, interesting thing.

It’s a blessing because, well, it leads directly AWAY from boredom

[and contemplation of the abyss]

and it’s a curse, because we rarely, if ever, pause to understand just what it is we’ve achieved, and how far we’ve come. And over time, it’s becomes too easy to become disheartened.

So, here’s the deal – right now, go back to your last major deliverable, whether it was last week, six months, or even over a year ago

[I suspect it’s more recent than you think]

Now, turn off your internal critic and review the materials, think about the team you worked with, the process and experience you went through together. It’s pretty good stuff right? And along the way:

  1. What strengths did you use, and how did it feel to use them?
  2. What did you learn for the next time around the merry-go-round?
  3. How did you get in your own way like you always do?

Feel pride in your work, know you make a difference and then, with your learning in hand, go do it again, only BETTER!

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