I’ve recently signed up as a coach at noomii.com and am looking forward to helping more people to move forward in their personal and professional lives.

I’ve been highly fortunate to have been coached by great managers, leaders, friends and family throughout my life, and the coaching I do now is definitely a case of paying back the debt I owe.

At the same time, I’m very aware of the negative energy bred by media, corporations, and politicians, and feel a strong pull towards being a voice of opposition; a voice for hope, positivity and love. Anyone who knows me well, knows this.  So, when I coach someone to focus their attention, align their energy, and remove their self-imposed barriers, I truly believe it’s my own small contribution to a more humane world.

I have to say that I’ve met many people reluctant/resistant to seek coaching – a mixture, I think, of the misplaced belief that coaching is only for Executives, and the misconception that it’s expensive – so it was something of a relief to find noomii.com and that there are people who are actively seeking coaches. I hope I can be of service to them.

And I ask you – have you ever thought about using a coach? You can always reach out to me directly for a free, confidential chat. Even if I’m not the guy for you, I do honestly recommend looking at the functionality at noomii.com – the right person to help you get where you need to go might be waiting for your call right now.

Be well