Like obesity, process bloat in HR creeps up on us.

How does this happen?

Over time, multiple steady states (“the way things are”) are stretched to accommodate outliers (“wait… they want to do that”) creating a series of new norms – and adding inches to the waistline.

Our processes just keep snacking and snacking and snacking, growing heavier and more unwieldy, until we end up today, wondering just who this person in the mirror is…

Like obesity, process bloat in HR creeps up on us.

And just like obesity, we can come to believe that things will ALWAYS be this way.

But here’s the great thing. They don’t have to be. We can lose the weight.

However, the long-term, healthy solution is NOT fad dieting, brutal exercise regimes, or cosmetic surgery.

The solution is to blank page the ideal state process, shave away the pieces we don’t need anymore, and then add-on only those call-outs that serve us now.

This is what it means to refine an HR process.

So, which HR process do you see needing to shed a little weight? What diets have you tried?