In days of yonder, when donning the cloak of ye olde BadConsultant, I ran a series of posts as part of a countdown to Millionth Management Book Day. Although BadConsultant is comfortably retired to a small, private Caribbean island, I thought I’d pick up where he left off and keep the running tally here at The View Beyond.

So without further ado…

As of June 12th, 2015, reports the following counts based on the keyword (% change on 2010 baseline):

  • Change Management: 115,869 (+116%)
  • Business Strategy: 136,074 (+143%)
  • Organization Culture: 58,139 (+143%)
  • Talent Management: 9,995 (+38%)
  • People Management: 79,892 (+142%)
  • Leadership: 185,209 (-27%)
  • Management: 1,433,983 (+49%)

For the sake of the TLDR crowd, I won’t spend too long on interpretation, except to say that maybe

[just maybe]

society is beginning to challenge the myth of the super-hero leader, and instead, put its focus upon what people do, the connections between, and how we can optimize organization to make things flow.

And that’s a good thing

[and long overdue]

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