I didn’t plan for any of Wednesday evening’s coaching conversations to happen. It was a social event, after all. And yet, by the end of the night, I’d actively coached 4 people who each face their own particular challenges. By the end of the evening, I went home buzzing with the elation of having helped people find insight and choose to act upon it.

And, of course, it all started with listening; being centered enough to hear. I was where I was, and it was right where I needed to be.

Waking up the next morning, very tired and yet so grateful, I reflected on this – of how a decision I made a few months back, to formalize my coaching services and extend my skills through certification, has yielded such benefits so quickly and fully.

It’s almost too easy to label it:

embodied self, working from strengths, experiencing flow…

Technically speaking, that’s exactly what it is, but that’s an explanation, NOT an experience. It doesn’t come close to describing the sensations and emotional reaction of doing what I’m built to do best, of growing in the process and, ultimately, helping others move forward stronger and better set for their own successful future.

I keep finding myself in “WOW!” moments.

I don’t know that I was ready to believe that could happen – and every conversation, whether with client or non-client, feels like a gift. Whether we’re talking of pain and how to transcend, or of opportunity and how to accelerate, there’s something very special about helping someone see what they’re not seeing, and make choices based upon that new insight.

I’d always done this, of course, just never really appreciated the potential of doing it with aligned intent. I’d allowed myself to be prisoner to a limiting belief:

Who am I to believe I can help people?

even though I regularly received feedback that I helped people all the time – and part of me knew that to be true. Yet I also knew the conflict of holding back from helping people because of that limiting belief, which for me is really just fear of arrogance, of pride, of self-indulgence. It was a story I’d been telling myself for a long, long time.

At some point this year

[and I’d like to say it was a Hollywood-ish epiphany, but it wasn’t]

that belief tipped over and became

Who am I NOT to help people?

and there was no turning back. I was right where I needed to be.

And it’s right where I’ll be when you’re ready to move forward: right where you need me to be.

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