Right. Time for some straight talk:

80% of small businesses fail within the first 18 months

That’s right, 8 out of 10 people like you are destined to crash and burn within a year and a half.

You can find many articles on the web that explain this – using words like “revenue”, “marketing” and “profit” – all of which deserve your attention. But the truth is, most of these articles miss the point.

You see, beneath such logical/practical factors there are 5 reasons that your business will fail, and guess what? They have very little do with business, and everything to do with you.

Small businesses don’t fail, small business owners do

Does that mean you shouldn’t try? Far from it! It means you should do whatever it takes to be one of the 20% that flourish beyond start-up.

And the first step is to admit and accept that the odds are against you; worse, your failure is almost guaranteed if you do what everyone else does.

So, what do you think is the first mistake that everyone else will make? I’ll tell you quite simply: They’ll go it alone, because they’re sure that they won’t fail.

The 20% know this isn’t the case; they know that small businesses succeed because small business owners build the habits of success from day one.

Said differently: Small businesses don’t succeed, small business owners do!

Start for success, start with you

Starting a small business for success means actively:

  • Shaping your world:
    • Doing more of what you’re good at, and enjoy, more of the time
    • Automating those necessary tasks that come with running your own business
    • Building the right partnerships so you don’t have to carry the whole burden
  • Going beyond your marketing plan:
    • Clearly envisioning your best customers, so that you can anticipate where they go next
    • Focusing your vision, so that you can communicate with power and excitement
    • Engaging your power of attraction, so that new business comes to you
  • Renegotiating your relationships:
    • Getting ahead of your own change, and its impact on others
    • Engaging those you love, and who love you so that their energy serves your success
    • Separating yourself from those who drain your energy
  • Attaining spectacular balance:
    • Staying centered and true throughout the chaos of start-up
    • Prioritizing your intent, so that you don’t lose sight of your purpose and the change you want to be in the world
    • Moving from the expectation of perfection to the joy of experimentation

There is a bottom line here: you are playing a new game, so you MUST play by a new set of rules. And you need to learn them QUICKLY. 

Start for success, start with a coach

I coach people just like you to build businesses that survive, thrive and offer a level of fulfillment that eclipses all achievements to date. I promise you 3 things:

  1. We will focus on your progress
    You will gain valuable insight that makes you stronger, and better able to progress. If this is not the case after our first discussion, then I don’t deserve to suggest we work together.
  2. We will focus on your needs
    We will discuss your vision for your business, your reasons for considering this decision, and your concerns going forward. Then we’ll see whether I’m the right person to help. Nothing more, nothing less.
  3. We will focus on fit
    High quality alignment is “rocket fuel” for coaching so there must be a good fit between your needs and what I bring to the table. You should consider this a pre-requisite for any coaching relationship.

You can be one of the 20% whose businesses survive and thrive beyond 18 months. You can master the new rules for this new game. When you’re ready, let’s talk.

Start for success, start with someone completely on your side

My name is Vincent Tuckwood – coach, consultant, and founder of View Beyond LLC. I am one of the 20% – 7-years strong and growing – and I carry the battle scars to prove it!

I coach people just like you to build businesses that survive, thrive and offer a level of fulfillment that eclipses all achievements to date.

I am prepared to be whatever you need me to be as you start your new business for success – part Adviser, part Cheerleader, part Drill-Sergeant; always totally committed.

I am humbled to say that my clients tell me I’m a great coach – and it is my profound honor to serve them!

“What you gave me is a gift… can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate it” ~ D, Service Industry, CT

“It’s an attitude switch that I find has made me more aware of slipping into the feeling of no choice. That is to say, I feel I have a choice now.” ~ T, Norwich CT

“I’ve been working with Vince & honestly the changes in my life have been dramatic!” ~ G, Independent Business Owner, New London CT