I was going to call this post

Suck it up, get it done

but I didn’t

[because I get very tired of quasi-militaristic speech patterns in the everyday]

Today’s been a bit annoying; I had planned to do some work on the next-wave of functionality at myOrgDev.com, but a recent update to OSX, coupled to a change in SSL security at the site soon had my development machine on its knees.

Cue several hours of trawling of the internet to work out what had happened and how to fix it. If you’re not used to such situations, they’re a cavalcade of trial-and-error, momentary hope and ensuing despondency.

And all the way through, you can hear that voice in your head

this is NOT what you should be doing

but it is. Really, it is.

So you have to switch that voice off, stay with the task in hand and just plain GET IT DONE.

Too often, we meet frustrations with resistance, avoidance or even denial – too often we step away from the roadblock and dive into distraction

[for example, a friend’s near miss accident was bubbling on Facebook throughout my day]

but when your product/service is on the line, and your time is an investment in the future of your business, you have to develop the stamina, the mental and spiritual muscle, to just

Switch it off, get it done

As I write this short post, I’ve been able to pivot towards developing that next functionality, on a freshly stabilized platform; if you code, you know what that means, and why it’s priceless – worth way more than the frustration of getting it done.

What are you avoiding because it frustrates you in the moment? How might you

Switch it off, get it done?

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