And so we draw to the end of 2018.

For many of us, it’s been a long year…

… and catching a breath has been difficult.

There are things we’ve achieved, things that have escaped our grasp…

And things that, no matter how hard we tried, we just couldn’t make happen.

And, if we’re not careful, we’re liable to fall into the New Year trap:

“Next time will be different… I’ll make a resolution…”

So we do. And it lasts for all of a week or two max.

Let me ask:

How many times have you made the same old resolution, only to see it fail?

Here’s the deal.

New Year’s Resolutions are a well-intended victim-hood trap.

They’re a comfort blanket to our desire for renewal – but at the same time, they are a submission to the power of the status quo.

Just as diets are designed for long-term failure, New Year’s Resolutions are destined to achieve little in the way of substantive change.


Because they are typically ambiguous and laudable.

For example:

“I’m going to lose weight next year!”

Yeah? How much? How much per week? What nutritional changes are you making? Are you adding in fasting? Exercise? Where will you fall off the wagon? Who’s going to encourage you to eat when you really know you shouldn’t?

And on.

And on.

The spirit of renewal in the act of New Year’s Resolutions is spot on – it’s a really healthy thing to look change in the eye…

But the process and follow-up action leaves a LOT to be desired.

So, I beg you – please don’t make the same old resolution the same way this year.

Grab your copy of Your Next Thing – and put the process to work!

Increase CLARITY, by breaking things down to small changes.

Increase FOCUS, by identifying individual situations and circumstances associated with each small change.

Increase COMMITMENT, by detailing specific decisions and actions that will deliver results in each moment.

Whether it’s improving your self, your results or your relationships, Your Next Thing can provide the roadmap.

Life gets better when we choose to live at the next level RiGHT NOW.

And that all depends on what you do next!

Happy New Year – I’ll see you in 2019.


Vincent Tuckwood is a coach, consultant, and founder of View Beyond LLC. He helps people, teams, and organizations achieve lasting, positive change.

“It’s not my job to change you, but it is my calling to help you change”