Welcome to my blog here at View Beyond.

It’s been a long time coming – while I’ve been writing pretty steadily for a good number of years at VinceT.net, the content there seldom touches on my professional life, instead focusing on my music, writing and art. And, while I have been known to ghost write the thoughts of BadConsultant from time to time

[though his visits have become less frequent over the past few years – I think his island lifestyle suits him just fine]

I’ve never really blogged about my day-to-day – over the last few weeks though, I’ve had a number of people ask me why not and

[as it always goes when the universe asks a question at the right time]

I didn’t have an answer.

So here we are.

First, let me explain a little bit about myself. I have always had a passion, and skill, for seeing beyond the current state, spotting possibilities and then working back to what we need to do right now. It’s why my original training as a chemist led me to retro-synthetic organic chemistry – designing the desired molecule, then working back to how to create it from component parts. It’s how I write my stories – from the spark of “what if…” to the structured plot, character arcs and events that bring the story to life.

See what could be, then work out how to get there.

When this was coupled with my deep, long-standing interest in why people do what they do – both good and bad – and the organizations we build around just that – it’s easy to see how I ended up in increasingly strategic roles, focusing on talent, organization capability and culture. And it was this innate interest, strengths and set of experiences that led me to form View Beyond in 2009, a full year before I left two decades of corporate life behind.

View Beyond is an independent consultancy:

  • COACHING people to move forward in their personal and professional lives
  • DEVELOPING teams to improve collaboration and performance
  • ALIGNING strategy, culture, organization and people to achieve business objectives

And, of course, those things are nested within each other, which is where my unique strengths come into play – being able to run up and down the ladders of causality and inference to identify symptoms and root causes.

I get called many things: visionary, transformational, guru, magician, and even a mad professor! But I think my favourite piece of feedback over the years came from a manager in the UK

[just realize I didn’t mention that I’m a Brit-transplant, now living and working out of Connecticut, USA]

 who looked at me in the middle of a very deep and wide strategic planning session and said:

“… I don’t get you, Vince. You take this whole mess of information, sit quietly looking at it, and then just say ‘fix that’… And it’s the one thing that needs fixing to make everything else work!”

[I get that ‘I don’t get you…’ quite a bit]

Finally, someone had realized what it was like being in my head!

I just can’t help it. From personal career issues, to the very widest of strategic business challenges, I just see what needs fixing. It’s what lets me step into an existing situation – such as an organization experiencing breakdowns in information flow, or a professional at a career crossroads, or a writer locked in the frustration of writer’s block – gather the right data, test the hypotheses, and build the right plan for moving forward. Maybe it’s the scientist in me, or maybe its the story-teller… Or maybe it’s both those things merged into one.

Whatever, it’s a set of unique capabilities that I love to provide to any given problem.

So, whether you’re stuck in a rut, dealing with friction and conflict, or even seeing too many possibilities and not knowing what to do, why not drop me a line and we’ll talk – if I can help you, I will. If not, I’ll tell you just that – and I’ll try to connect you with one of my affiliates, who may be a better fit.

Finally, I operate something of an unusual approach to finding new work – in that I offer a direct 10% referral bonus for successful referrals. This is pretty common in the recruitment arena, but less so in the coaching/consultancy realm. If you know someone who might benefit from working with me at the individual, team or organization levels, feel free to refer them to me. If something comes of it, I’ll back up my thank you with a direct bonus.

Thanks for being here – I think we’ll have some fun in the months and years to come!


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