“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”

Last week, I attended a free webinar presented by Adam Botha, of I Walk Awake, and hosted by Noomii, called Unearth Your Personal Essence & Create Your Authentic Brand. Though much of the approach to personal branding wasn’t new to me

[there’s a reason View Beyond is called that]

Adam shared a number of routes to visualize your personal essence, including examples of name discovery. Basically, the approach is to examine your name and identify meanings and insights. Of course, this is tied to new age/ancient wisdom practices such as numerology, tarot, horoscopes, etc. so I immediately take a grain of salt with me, but so long as we agree that this is at least a mental model through which to view matters, we’ll be fine

[and if it provides fresh, actionable insight, I’m all for it!]

In this approach:

  • First name = the you that you present to the world, regardless of history
  • Last name = your ancestry, lineage, grounding, etc.
  • Middle name = the connection between you and your lineage

So, what’s in a name?


Tuckwood is believed to come from a lost village in Leicestershire, England – these villages were cleared in the 14th century to make way for sheep pastures at the height of the wool trade. The component elements are

[from pre-7th century Old English]

the personal name Tocca and wudu, meaning wood or forest; hence Tocca’s Wood. So, a wood where Tocca lived…

Only… maybe there’s more…


[Tock, Took, Toke, Tuck, Tuke, Tocca, etc.]

is usually English, though can be Scottish, and has pre-7th century Norse-Viking origins. It’s actually a nickname form of Thorketill. Or Thor’s Kettle, meaning Thor’s cauldron.

Either way, we end up with a guy called Tocca who owns/lives in a wood. Or a wood ascribed to Thor, a gods-wood. For me, woods and forests have always held sacred space and ancient wisdom, so I lean towards the notion of a gods-wood, a place where people come to restore contact with mother Earth and their true selves.

The people of Thor’s Wood are elemental, spiritually enlightened, and grounded in intuition and natural emotions.

Yeah, I’ll take that as my ancestry, lineage and grounding.

And so we turn to


This is the French from of the late-Latin Vincentius (conquering), which is derived from Vincere (to conquer). While my Mum, Dad and I will joke about my being named for cabaret-singer Vince Hill, they’ve often mentioned that they were drawn to the association with conquering, which is defined at Merriam-Webster:

Conquer (verb)
1. to take control of (a country, city, etc.) through the use of force
2. to defeat (someone or something) through the use of force
3. to gain control of (a problem or difficulty) through great effort

Given that I’m neither a marauding army nor destructively competitve

[and, remember, first name is all about the you that you choose to present to the world]

I’m going to soften use-of-force to force-of-will, and lean further towards the 2nd and 3rd definitions here. So, Vincent here becomes all about overcoming problems and difficulties through force of will.

And that’s a pretty good description of what I am and how I choose to present myself to the world.

Now we get to the interesting bit: putting it all together.

Wait… what about your middle name?

I don’t have one. Which is interesting in itself. Basically, I go from my ancestry/lineage direct into my presence – no transition. And, yes, I’d say I’m pretty adept at jumping between the two.

So, putting it together:

Vincent Tuckwood = strength and force of will to overcome significant challenges and obstacles, drawing upon spiritual and emotional resilience, intuition and wisdom/insight.

That sounds about right. And it ties in closely with how I think about View Beyond, and my coaching practice – I’m naturally drawn to people’s self-imposed limitations and obstacles; how to help them break through. Throughout my career, I’ve been told my strength lies in seeing what is being ignored/avoided/unseen, and then having the courage to name it and help people move forward. Is it any wonder I am at my best helping people through internal and external conflict? That I get a buzz from solving situations that make others panic?

It’s everything that View Beyond is about, and it really can be distilled down to an essence:

Overcome any challenge; Conquer any obstacle; Break through all limits

Yeah. I like that.

I like it a lot.

So, what’s in your name?