I was chatting with a coaching buddy yesterday morning and, as I was in a particularly effervescent mood, she asked me where I found my energy. The answer was simple, and it wasn’t caffeine!

You see, I’d just come off a call with a client who I’m helping through career transition and redirection – seemingly every day, I’m reminded that very few things in my professional life compare to the experience of helping people move forward. By fully opening myself to my life calling as a coach, I now experience this energy every day. And it’s wonderful.

I began to share this with my buddy and immediately could feel 2010 pulling at me again, memories of how I had to cast off my corporate shape, of how I emerged knowing that I’d suppressed so much of my natural self for 20 years. And I was struck once again with gratitude for that transition (painful as it was at times) and for where it’s led me.

In my coaching, I hear firsthand from potential clients how they are/were reluctant to reach out to discuss the change they need to make. I think we all feel that to a certain extent; this is, after all, a world enslaved to the perfection myth. I’m of the firm belief that there is no shame in seeking help. I know that I made it through my own transition thanks to the love and care of family and friends, and also thanks to:

Strozzi Institute – and particularly my teacher Mark Mooney, who cared enough to open the door to my transformation. He asked the right question at precisely the right time and knew well enough to let me begin the long journey to my own answer.

Jennifer Cohen, Master Somatic Coach – Jenn picked up the baton from Mark, offering a safe space to be confused, angry and sad, and helping me transform those emotions into hope and excitement for what was to come.

Basilia Montesanto, Massage Therapist – when we store emotion in our body, it becomes our posture, musculature and sinew. Our physical self and emotional self are one and the same. 20 years of me was locked in my spine and legs. Basilia’s skills in deep tissue massage and myo-fascial release was essential to my re-emergence. On this point I am clear: change happens in the body, not in thought. Reshape the body, reshape life.

My gratitude to these professionals cannot be overstated, I wouldn’t be where I am today without their professionalism and care.

If you are facing your own change, I hope my openness to sharing my experience provides encouragement. You are not alone; there is no shame in seeking help. If you’d like to talk through how I may help, or even just work through your early thoughts, schedule a FREE, 1-hour introductory call.

You are not alone; there is no shame in seeking help.