Most companies have some form of annual performance review, usually coincident with year-end processes. Sometimes, there may also be a more developmental mid-year review.

To speak plainly, for most people

[and their managers]

both of these processes prove frustrating and counter-productive: the end-of-year too subjective and after-the-fact,  the mid-year loose and non-actionable. And, over both of them, the hanging clouds of template-driven compliance.

Whose fault it this?

Actually, that doesn’t matter – because playing the blame game is a subtle way of staying with the status quo.

But you want change

[which is why you’re taking a view beyond, right?]

and the first step of that journey is to decide it’s time to SEEK change.

So, given that you’re likely on the hook for a mid-year review

[as worker, manager, or both!]

how are you going to use the mid-year for positive effect? How will it move you, and/or your team member, forward?

How about answering those questions before the review?

By doing so, you add optionality to the process; delivering the necessary compliance, while also gaining meaningful progress.

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