I had a new coaching client come on-board this week, and am enjoying getting to know her, what she wants to achieve, and what I can contribute to her journey.

Meanwhile, another of my clients is on a global trip, expanding her horizons and soul. She’s posting a daily journal and I read it avidly.

It’s a wonderful thing to be able to help.

At the same time, I’ve been sitting here doing a LOT of work on my own business, wearing multiple hats: Chief Marketing Officer, Accounts Payable, R&D, product Development, Sales…

Truth be told, for a coach and consultant, I’ve been spending only a small subset of my time doing my core work.

That’s the reality for any small business owner, of course, and anyone who starts their own business knows this up front – if they don’t, they’re likely to be one of over 50% of small businesses that fail in their first 5 years.

Luckily, I’m not, and my endless curiosity and need to break my own boundaries has allowed me to dive deep into the learning. What have I learned so far?

  1. Building a highly functional sub-site on WordPress is more difficult than it seems at first, though once you know how, it’s incredibly powerful
  2. It’s really, REALLY easy to get Facebook and Google ads up and running, and to drive lots of clicks to your site
  3. The vast majority of clicks from Facebook and Google ads are not people but Search Engine Optimization (SEO) spiders/robots, relentlessly mapping the internet
  4. Once you dip a toe in the SEO pool, it quickly becomes an obsession
  5. I’ve developed a set of skills to do all this that I could actually sell as a service

But my main learning is that, when it comes to coaching, none of the above comes anywhere close to the power of referrals

[which has, at times, left me scratching my head, given how much time I’ve been spending on non-referral marketing!]

I wrote last week about how I’d been revisiting my personal brand, and how I have a strong drive to help people:

  • Overcome any challenge;
  • Conquer any obstacle; and…
  • Break through all limitations

It all boils down to two words: BREAK FREE.

And when someone asks me what I do, or who I coach, I simply say:

“I coach people who are ready to break free”

Both the clients I mentioned earlier are breaking free in their own situations, and both are referrals made before I’d boiled down the essence of my coaching offering.  And this makes me excited for the possibilities now that I am able to describe what I do.

You see, just as I’m getting better at the world of internet sales and marketing, I’m also getting better at seeking referrals. And my major learning is that it’s better to ask point blank than to hint and hope!

So, I ask you, do you know someone struggling in a relationship, job, career, or business? Do you see someone leaving potential on the table, avoiding the risk that it takes to emerge into a more fulfilling future? Are you maybe feeling stuck yourself?

Are you, or somebody you know, ready to break free?

If so, don’t hesitate – make the call.

As my clients have already learned, there is powerful acceleration to be found in working with me as a coach, and I am a commitment to help you BREAK FREE!

So, I’ll ask again, where are you stuck? Are you ready to break free?